Family Planning Services

Garston Medical Centre provides range of family planning services including contraceptive counselling, contraceptive pill reviews and depot injections.

Contraceptive Reviews

We recommend that a contraceptive review is done at least annually. You can complete the online contraceptive review form via the practice website or alternatively speak to one of the GPs or Clinical Pharmacists.

As part of a contraceptive review you will be asked to submit an up to date weight and blood pressure. If you do not have a home blood pressure monitor then you can make an appointment with our practice nursing team or see your local pharmacist.

Please find further information on the family planning association website

Depo Injections

We provide regular depo injections via our practice nursing team. Please speak to reception to arrange this.

Coils and Implants

If you wish to consider a Mirena Coil/Copper Coil/Implant then please make an appointment to speak to a GP or Clinical Pharmacist about your options. We can arrange for an appointment to be made a local GP surgery for fitting or you can access the Family Planning Clinic in Watford too.